About Us

My best advice for a new parent is always “Listen to everyone’s advice and suggestions, take it all in, then try some for yourself and see what works best for you.”  Parenting is hard. Every baby is different, every parent is different, and every circumstance is different.  What works for you and your first baby, may not work for your second.  What works for your child, may not work for your best friend’s kiddo.

I’d like to think that I had a good base sense of “how to keep a child a live”- before I had one.  But once my first child was born I still had so many questions- is she eating enough? How do you fall asleep when you are worried your newborn will stop breathing? She pooped eight time today… is that too much? She pooped two times today… is that too little?! And the list goes on… I had a few girlfriends who already children so I asked them 1000 questions a day and found hearing other parent stories and suggestion was most helpful.

Our goal with This Beautiful Disaster is to offer up real parents’ experiences.  To share stories from all  walks of life,  circumstances and situations.  These are parents, not necessarily industry “experts” and (so far) not doctors either, though one could argue that if you have kept your child alive through adulthood- that could make you an expert.  Parenting is tough, it’s wonderful, it scary, it’s fulfilling- It’s a Beautiful Disaster.


A Few Rules:

Keep in mind that these are experiences and stories designed for parents in similar situations to read what worked and what didn’t for other parents.  It’s a reminder that no, you are not crazy to be scrubbing your floor at 3am when you can’t sleep because you haven’t had time to scrub it since your child arrived.  This is not a place for hate, discrimination, anger, bullying etc., so leave your nasty comments to yourself, and find something else to read. Inappropriate comments will be removed at the site master’s discretion.  This is a judgement free zone and any sort of superior air or judginess will not be tolerated.