All Around Favorite Baby Products – Kristin S.

These are contributor, Kristin S’s, top favorite baby products – products that made/make life easier during this baby adventure.

  1. Portable Changing Pad
  2. Oogiebear Booger Grabber
  3. Pacifier Clips
  4. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush
  5. Disposable Changing Pad Covers
  6. Zutano Booties
  7. Baby Einstein Musical Toy
  8. SwaddleMe Swaddle & Halo Sleepsack
  9. TushBaby Baby Carrier
  10. Bouncer Seat
  11. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Favorite Baby Products

Portable Changing Pad

Pack it in your diaper bag, fill it with diapers, wipes and cream.  Then when you hit the lady’s room in a restaurant, you’re not hauling more than you need!  Plus, it adds an extra layer of clean area for you to change your baby on. This also comes in handy when there isn’t a public changing pad available, and you find yourself changing the little one in the trunk of your car, a park bench, the floor of the rest room, etc.  This one from Skip Hop is great.


I am type A about one thing: making sure my kid’s nose doesn’t have boogers in it. This tool is the right size to retrieve that stray bat in the cave.

Pacifier clip

Because why pick it up off the floor if you don’t have to? These clips come in handy for both at home and out and about excursions. (Of course, be sure to use a pacifier that has a hole or a handle to loop the clip through).

The Butt Spatula, AKA: BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

You didn’t know you needed one, until you found out you needed one.  For many reasons this product has made it on to several of our favorites baby products lists.  It makes diaper cream application easier, more efficient, cleaner, and healthier for little baby bums. 

Disposable Changing table covers

I’m a boy mom.  So, my experience so far is: Boys pee in the air. Sometimes their poop isn’t where you want it to be.

There is enough to clean when you have a baby, and I didn’t want to add my changing table cover to the list if I didn’t have to. These disposable changing pads are so easy to throw out and replace in a pinch.

Zutano booties

These soft and cozy fleece booties are a must for colder weather.  They are warm, cute and match everything.  Bonus, they secure closed pretty well – good luck kicking these off little one!

Baby Einstein Musical Toy

This weird little contraption is a baby whisperer toy. I have seen it work wonders calming and distracting multiple babies.  This toy has also made it onto several of our lists, and it’s a small, portable and affordable edition to your diaper bag. 

SwaddleMe Swaddles and Halo Sleepsacks

The Velcro swaddle is a brilliant invention. They teach you in baby classes not to have any loose blankets in a crib. The first night after my son was born, he was swaddled in a receiving blanket…he easily broke out of it with a punch of his arm. And just like that there was a loose blanket in his crib. I liked not having to worry about the loose blanket with the Velcro closure!  Plus, often a baby will wake up if he or she has broken out of the swaddle, why add one more reason to get up in the middle of the night? Once your babe gets a little older, these Halo Sleepsacks are a good transition. 

Tush Baby 

Oh. My. God. This is a game changer. I saw it on shark tank and ordered before the commercial break. My son keeps growing and gaining weight but is not interested in walking yet! This is a great invention for times when you will need to hold your kid for a long period. The child’s weight distributed evenly on your hips and you only need an arm as a “seatbelt” not to take the brunt of the weight!

Bouncer seat

My son would get sick of laying on his back in the gym, and wasn’t big enough to sit up or crawl, but wanted to play. This was a great halfway situation for him when he was in between the infant stage and able to crawl and play. It’s portable so it can be moved from room to room and he could interact with it and keep himself busy while I got things done. This is one option.

This one rocks and turns into a toddler chair.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine & Nightlight

This is one of those unnecessary but awesome luxuries. You can control the type and volume of sound (white noise, lullaby, washing machine, rainfall etc. etc.) and the color of the nightlight! This can all be controlled by an app on your phone through Bluetooth so it can be done from outside the room. Also, the feature I’m looking forward to most is the “OK to wake” function. With this one, you set a timer for the light to change from whatever it’s on to GREEN, as you train your little one to wait until the light is green to get out of bed and come wake up mommy and daddy.

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