Contributor – Amanda L.

Two little girls holding hands

Amanda is a full-time mom to two busy little girls, an obese angry cat, and two crazy aging dogs. She is a part-time WAHM just trying to find the humor in the everyday chaos without letting too many of the balls drop each day.




Baby Making & Birth Experience:

  • Naturally Conceived
  • IVF
  • C-Section
  • In Hospital
  • With Doula
  • Miscarriage
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum



  • 2 Kids – Both Girls
  • Breast Fed
  • Formula
  • Postpartum Depression



  • Works Part-Time
  • Works From Home
  • Lives in Suburbs
  • Uses Babysitter
  • Uses Daycare

About SarahTBD

A mom trying to survive this beautiful disaster we call life with a family. Some days I rock it, some days I just survive it, some days are rough and some days I can’t get enough. I work part time from home trying to juggle the work hours with the everyday life with two children.