Contributor – Kristin S.

Baby Feet Holding a BottleHi there! I’m a Guidance Counselor and Mom to a really cool baby boy.  Trying to figure out how to feel fantastic about both jobs is my next challenge in life! I’ve felt very fortunate to have wonderful role model moms as friends and family, who support and give advice without judgement, so here I am trying to pay it forward any way I can… in the spirit of motherhood (and sisterhood) I’m stepping out of my comfort zone!




Baby Making & Birth Experience:
Naturally conceived
In Hospital
With Midwife
Found Out Gender
Two Weeks Late

1 boy
Breast fed

Full-Time Working Mom
Works away from home
Lives in the Suburbs
Uses a Nanny
Uses Daycare

About SarahTBD

A mom trying to survive this beautiful disaster we call life with a family. Some days I rock it, some days I just survive it, some days are rough and some days I can’t get enough. I work part time from home trying to juggle the work hours with the everyday life with two children.