Contributor – Loida VP

Hi! I’m Loida, wife to Rik and mama to 2 year old Faye and 10 month Mara. We currently live in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco but will be moving (Gulp) to Minneapolis MN in two weeks. You will usually find me texting my mom with coffee in hand juggling a pump bag, purse, laptop bag and grocery bag. I love going on walks with my girls and being in nature with my family.


Baby Making & Birth Experience

  • Naturally Conceived
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Epidural
  • In Hospital
  • With Midwife
  • Found Out Gender


Kiddo Experience

  • 2 Kids – both girls
  • Breast Fed
  • Formula



  • Full-Time Working Mom
  • Lives in the City
  • Apartment Living
  • Day Care
  • Uses Grandparents for Babysitting

About SarahTBD

A mom trying to survive this beautiful disaster we call life with a family. Some days I rock it, some days I just survive it, some days are rough and some days I can’t get enough. I work part time from home trying to juggle the work hours with the everyday life with two children.