Contributor – Deidre

My name is Deidre and I am wife to Greg and Mommy to 5-year-old Luke and almost 2-year-old Eliza. We live just outside of Baltimore, MD and I work full time as a Sales Operations Manager at a healthcare company. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, family outings, and hanging out with friends sipping a glass of wine!

Baby Making & Birth Experience:
Naturally conceived
Vaginal Delivery
In Hospital
Surprise Gender
Found Out Gender
Postpartum Depression

2 Kids – 1 boy, 1 girl
Breast fed

Full-Time Working Mom
Works from home
Uses Daycare

About SarahTBD

A mom trying to survive this beautiful disaster we call life with a family. Some days I rock it, some days I just survive it, some days are rough and some days I can’t get enough. I work part time from home trying to juggle the work hours with the everyday life with two children.