Favorite Cold Weather Necessities

The winter months can be a bit rough with small children and babies.  Your hands take a beating from all the wipes and hand washing, your skin dries out, kids bring home cold after cold from school, etc.  Here are a few products that I use throughout the winter to help combat some of those winter problems.

  1. Boogie Wipes & Spray
  2. Baby Bum Co Brush
  3. Eczema Honey
  4. Car seat cover / Carrier cover / Stroller cover
  5. Zutano Booties and Baby string gloves
  6. Halo Sleepsack
  7. Water Wipes
  8. American Widgeon Polar Fleece Coat
  9. Echinacea Tea (Not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms)
  10. Footed pants

One: Boogie Wipes & Saline Spray

Boogie wipes are better than tissues.  Yes, you can always wipe your kid’s nose with a tissue.  However, the saline wipes really do help rub off those hard, stuck on boogers that seem to reside under my children’s noses for the better part of the winter.  It may take a few gentle rubs to dislodge the crusty culprits, but the boogie wipes make it easier! We also use their boogie spray to help with dry sinuses and congestion.


Two: BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

I call this “The Butt Spatula”, it’s really not a brush OR a spatula.  What it is, is a finger saver.  I hate diaper cream all over my hands, and this allows for a quick and easy application, with far less mess. This is one of those “silly mom gadgets” that people may scoff at- but hey, if it makes my diaper changing experience that much less terrible- I’m all for it.  I actually feel that I can apply the diaper cream faster and more efficiently, and then it just wipes off with a wipe.  In the winter it means a little less scrubbing of your hands, which hopefully leads to fewer dry chapped fingers.  Most importantly, if your baby has super sensitive skin like mine do, this eliminates one possible bacterial introduction since bacteria from your fingers can irritate your that sensitive little bum. Even my husband loves this one.


Three: Eczema Honey

This is a relatively new product for me.  I actually bought it for myself to use on my psoriasis and I love it.  (I actually REALLY love their body scrub for me as well, I find it really does help and leaves my skin feeling so soft, smooth and calmed).  Eczema Honey just sounds delish, and it’s made from 100% organic ingredients.  Two things to note: Because of its natural ingredients, this product should be refrigerated to maintain freshness. This makes the cream have a nice cooling feel, but it also can be a little bit annoying since it’s not kept with the rest of your skincare products.  I find it’s worth it.  Also, the original formula is made with almond oil.  So, if you have nut allergies, choose their nut-free formula.  I have used it on my children this fall and winter as well, its been gentle for their sensitive skin and helps their winter eczema spots.


Four: Car seat cover/stroller cover/carrier cover

I realize this is three different products under one category, but you may need one or the others depending on what age your baby is, or you may just need all of them! My personal favorite is JJ Cole.  I love this zipper open infant car seat cover.  This way you don’t have to mess around with trying to get a jacket on a newborn or young baby, just to walk into Target.  If you are a city slicker – then you may want to snag a stroller cover like this one.  With baby two, a friend recommended this awesome and handy baby carrier cover.  It fits right over the baby while you have her in the front carrier and it has these awesomely warm pockets for YOUR hands! This is perfect for watching your older kids’ soccer, hockey, football games or for ski weekends, hiking, etc.


Five: Zutano Booties and Baby Mittens

Again, this feels a little like cheating to bundle these into one, but heck, why not! We’ve mentioned the Zutano booties before – these are essential to winter baby life.  Socks just fall off or get pulled off.  These booties are warm and stay on better than most baby shoes or baby booties.  Plus, they are super soft and cozy.  They do make them with grippers if your little one is starting to toddle around a bit, but they are not good for running when your kiddo gets a bit older.  Baby mittens are equally as frustrating as socks.  Zutano makes a simple mitten set on a string so that the mittens stay in your child’s jacket – no more lonely missing mittens!


Six: Halo Sleepsack

With safety recommendations saying to not add anything lose in your baby’s crib until after a year old, a sleepsack is the best way to keep your little one warm.  My kids wear them almost all year-round.  There are a ton of different brands, but I’ve always loved my Halos.  As tiny babies, I used their wrap around Velcro swaddles. As the girls got older, I switched over to the sleep sacks.  Neither of my girls ever tried climbing out of their cribs, and I often wondered if it was because the sleep sack prohibited them from getting a leg up high enough to do so! I personally love their 100% cotton version, but they make them in thicker fleece if you want a heavier weight.


Seven: Water Wipes

This was another product that I wish I had tried earlier with my first baby girl.  Her skin is SO sensitive that she’d get a diaper rash if her diaper was wet for more than 15 minutes.  I always used the Pampers Sensitive wipes which were more gentle than regular wipes, but even those ended up being too harsh.  My neighbor recommended Water Wipes and we never looked back.  They don’t wipe up sticky poop as easily as regular wipes, but they still do the trick.  It just may take one extra wipe.  Why are these on my cold weather gear list? My fingers take such a beating in the winter between wipes, hand washing, diaper cream, and the cold dry air.  Dry fingers tips might just be my least favorite part about winter.  My fingers are a fraction better when using water wipes over any of the other wipes.  Combine these with the Baby Bum Brush when applying diaper cream, and we’re finally getting somewhere!


Eight: American Widgeon Polar Fleece Coat

One of my other least favorite aspects of winter with kids is the “get the coats on so we can walk the 30 seconds into the store” part.  For safety reasons it is recommended that children do not wear coats while strapped into their car seats.  I have been known to grab them quick and sprint inside without coats, but that’s not really the best idea.  I have found that for my little ones, this coat is easy to slip on and Velcro close.  It may not be the warmest option for dead of winter freezing days, but the fleece is pretty thick and it has a cute pointed hood.  The sleeves also roll fairly easily, and given its poncho-like shape, I’ve been able to buy these a size larger and get a few seasons out of it. Score!


Nine: Echinacea Tea

This one is for me. I need my coffee in the morning, but I also love tea.  I love this echinacea tea for wintertime.  Echinacea is said to have some immunity boosting skills, whether or not it helps me to not get sick, I have no idea.  I enjoy the flavor of this one, it is not caffeinated, so I can drink it in the afternoons and evenings.  Please note however, echinacea is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.  Instead, I suggest Mother’s Milk tea for our breastfeeding moms or Red Raspberry Leaf for our pregnant mamas.  I like both of those as well.


Ten: Footed Pants

If you have a newborn during the winter, footed pants are what it’s all about.  My kids usually lived in footed pajamas for the first few months of their lives, but if I dressed them, they wore footed pants or the Zutano booties mentioned above.  Newborn socks are a pain and never stay on and those tiny toes get cold so easily.  Gap usually has a few options for tooted pants, but they are hard to find! Stock up on a few if you find ones you love.


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