Favorite Summer Products

Summer is officially in full swing and I wanted to share some of my favorite summer products for baby, kids and mom. Not on this list is sunscreen.  I haven’t quite settled on favorite yet and have been trying a few different brands this summer, trying to work out what is the safest, goes on nicely, isn’t overly fragranced and also protects that delicate skin. Anyway, here is my list of goodies!

  1. SPF Blanket
  2. SwimZip Suits
  3. Goodr Sunglasses
  4. Sun Hat
  5. Mesh Beach Toy Bag
  6. Pop Up Play Pen
  7. Double Wide Towel
  8. Plastic Squeeze Bottles & Thick Paint Brushes
  9. Bike Seat or Trailer
  10. Beach Bag

SPF Blanket

I used this SPF Blanket constantly the summer that I had a newborn.  Since you cannot slather a tiny babe in sunscreen, this blanket was great to cover her bald head, to protect it from burning, when nursing outdoors. I also used it to throw over the infant car seat to make some shade. It stayed fairly cool to touch and is super soft and smooth. 

SwimZip Bathing Suits

I was so annoyed when I discovered these a full two years into parenting.  We spend a lot of time in the sun and my kids have very fair and sensitive skin that is super prone to burning.  I tried many different brands for rash guards, but they are so annoying to have to pull over a child’s head when they are wet or when the child is sticky with sunscreen. 

SwimZip makes their rash guards with a full front zipper! They offer a few options, one is a long sleeve rash guard with bikini bottoms, long sleeve rash guard with one-piece suite, or a short sleeve rash guard with bikini bottoms. It’S BRILLIANT.  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this.  They are comfortable and lightweight.  The zipper has a little flap of material at the neck to cover the zipper part so that it doesn’t irritate delicate necks.  The tag does say to hand wash these, but I have definitely thrown them in the delicate cycle several times and haven’t noticed an issue yet. 

Goodr Sunglasses

These are for adults.  I put them in here because I am currently obsessed with them and am getting ready to beg the company to make kid sizes too because I am that obsessed.  I discovered them at one of the crazy trail running races my husband does.  They are marketed to athletes but moms are sort of athletes, right? Constant up and down and running around? Momletes.  That’s what we are.

Anyway, the point of these sunglasses is that they STAY ON YOUR HEAD.  I have a small head and long hair, and I can put them up on my forehead, hold my hair back, fight a screaming 2-year-old into her car seat, or chase her down a street, without them falling off.  Maybe no one else has this problem with sunglasses, but I haven’t found a pair that actually stay on my face or my head adequately – in years.  I say that’s the best part about them, but there is more.  They come in a few different styles, but in MANY different frame and shade colors. ALL OF THEM ARE POLARIZED.  And ready for the kicker? THEY ARE ONLY $25.00 dollars!!!! So if the toddler gets ahold of them and performs ultimate sunglass destruction, it’s not a completely expensively horrible loss.

Also, did I mention they look nice on? So, this is a recommendation for a product that “Makes mom’s life just a little bit easier, while also making her feel good because she loves her sunglasses, and bought something that is a ‘mom product’ but is actually for herself.” And we know we could all use a little retail therapy now and then.  (No I don’t work for the company or know anyone that does, but I should own stock in it given how many pairs of these I have bought for myself or my family members at this point).

Sun Hat

There are 1000 sun hats out there and we probably own most of them.  I like this one for the two and under age group because it has a full brim, secures gently with Velcro under the chin and is light-weight. It also folds and bends easily which makes its easy to pack in your pool, beach or diaper bag – then pops right back into shape without much creasing. I keep buying them in white and can even get my four year old wear it sometimes as well.

Mesh Toy Bag

This is a silly little item that is super cheap but I have found really helpful. We spend a lot of time at the beach and have to walk a short distance between car and sand.  When you go to the beach with children, as I am sure you know or could guess, you require many things. I bought this mesh bag to carry all of our sandy beach toys in. I wanted mesh so that sand and shells and seaweed didn’t collect in the bottom of the bag over time.  The mesh also helps to let the toys air out so they dry and don’t get too musty or stinky. The bag is not super high quality so if you are doing a TON of carting around, it may not last as long. 

I am going on my second summer with it, with no problems so far.  But for the price, it almost doesn’t matter if it makes it through only one season.

Pop-Up Play-yard

Last summer we had a crawler at the beach. “Crawler” is my least favorite stage to have at the beach because (at least my kids) are super eager to move and explore at this age but since they can’t walk around yet, they are crawling and eating sand all day long. 

I got this pop-up play-yard to bring to the beach, threw some toys in and stuck her in the shade and it kept her busy for long enough for me to build a sandcastle with my four-year-old.  If your child is a “nap anywhere” type of human (SO JEALOUS) this would be good for naps also.  It rests right on the sand; the bottom is soft and therefore doesn’t have a hard surface.  I like it for that reason because it was easy to brush the sand out and it also gave the baby a feel for crawling in the sand without having mouthfuls of sand.  It is incredibly easy to pop-up and breakdown yourself. 

There is also this version that comes with a sunshade as well, I just didn’t purchase it to know how it works. It comes in a little sleeve with handle so you can throw it over your shoulder with the two beach chairs, bag of toys, beach bag, cooler, umbrellas and 10 other things you carry to the beach.

Double Wide Towel

My kids are pretty fine with being covered in sand. But for the days they decide they hate it, or when we want to lay out a towel for snack or a game, this double wide towel is awesome. 

Plastic Squeeze Bottles & Paint Brushes

For the days that you don’t feel like setting up the sprinkler or the baby pool, or just plain need a new activity for the kids, these two items are great. We have gotten countless hours of play with these squeeze bottles or paintbrushes like this and water! My kids are willing to paint anything with water. Our deck turns a different color when wet, so that is fun for painting with water.  Then it dries and they can do it again! And again! And again! I also use the squeeze bottles at the beach as a beach toy and then use them to wash off sand from little hands, feet, legs and butts when necessary. 

Baby Bike Seat or Trailer

We spend a lot of time on bikes over the summer so when we had kids we needed a few bike contraptions. 

We started with the bike seat that goes on the back of an adult bike. Then we graduated to this trailer. It was pretty easy to hook up to the bike. It fits two children – my 4.5 year old is one of them. You can buckle one child in, in the center, or two children. It has enough space behind the seats to shove a beach bag and a few towels. There is a mesh screen that closes over, and a rain screen that rolls down over the mesh.  Read the fine print for both of these to make sure you have the right type of bike to safely attach either of these products.  You also may need a coupler attachment to properly secure it to your bike, I had to purchase this one

Beach Bag

This is another mom product obviously.  I just love this beach bag! It’s medium sized, affordable, durable and comfortable to carry with it’s soft wide rope handles.  It’s also pretty darn cute. It has two small outside pockets, one zipper pocket inside, and two smaller pockets inside as well. It comes in four color options and is quite affordable.

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