Lovable Made Up Toddler Words

Child little girl sitting on a stack of books with glasses

My almost four year old pretty much doesn’t stop talking. She says so many things that make me laugh or shock me or wonder where on Earth she got it from. Toddler words are hilarious. She has a few she says incorrectly that I just can’t bring myself to correct because they are adorable or funny and I want her to say them forever.

Feed Beaters (Bird Feeders)

Eyetacts (Contacts. Personally, her word makes way more sense).

Erections (Directions. This is a personal favorite. “We need to follow the erections, right mom?” “Ohhhh sweetie, I sure as heck hope you don’t follow erections your whole life.”)

Fooky (Spooky)

Snowloft (Olaf)

Candy Cane (What she calls Grandpa’s walking cane)

Mershkle (Commercial)

Selington (Skeleton)

Agot (Forgot)

Bwella (Umbrella)

Narbles (Marbles – this one just makes me laugh.  “Mom did you lose your narbles again?” “Oh yes honey, I definitely lost my narbles, and then lost them again the day we had your sister. I’m not sure my narbles will ever make a re-appearance. Ever.”)

My list of “Toddler Words” keeps growing, but I definitely cannot help the slight sadness that hits me when she suddenly starts to say one of them correctly. Stop growing up child! Just stop!

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