Mama’s Self-Care Chore Chart

Mama's Self-Care Chore Chart

Because self-care often feels like a chore.

As a parent, everything else tends to “come first” in life.  I rarely remember to look in the mirror before I leave the house.  I have to remind myself to sit down to eat.  I have zero personal space, let alone time to myself. I count it as a great success if I get to finish my coffee while it’s still hot.  I find I have to remind myself that it’s also important to take care of me- to do something for ME. A quick lunch with a friend, without the kids in tow makes a difference for my mental state.  Mommy (and Daddy) need a mental break now and then. We need personal space, time to remember we are still our old selves, but with a new twist. So, take the time, even if it’s only a few minutes.

My BFF and I will randomly send each other “gold stars” for small personal accomplishments like “I took a shower three days in a row!” Putting it down on paper seems silly, but also made me realize just how infrequently I really got to do any of these seemingly simple things.  Getting out for a kid free lunch may be near impossible, so baby steps. Start small. Enjoy your coffee or tea, take a long shower. Do you.   

The Chart

In case you actually want to print this and put it on your fridge, download it here!

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