Favorite Baby Products

These are my (Sarah C.) top favorite “raising a tiny human” related baby products. These are products that either my children LOVED or that I found made/make life easier. Some of these I could not survive without.

  1. The Keekaroo Peanut Changer
  2. BabyBum Diaper Brush
  3. Silverette Nursing Cups
  4. Manhattan Toy Company Hanging Infant Toys
  5. Angel Dear Blankey (Lovey)
  6. JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover
  7. Wubbanub Pacifier
  8. Zutano Booties
  9. Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pack
  10. OXO Tot Silicone Bib

One: The Keekaroo Peanut Changer (Changing Pad)

One of my girlfriends actually suggested this changing pad and I love it.  It’s a heavy, rubbery changing pad that does not have covers.  It is super easy to clean up with a wipe. For the newborn stage I still put down a hospital blanket or old burp cloth because newborns poop like crazy, and it was easier to take a small blanket off, rinse it and wash it, than it was to scoop up poop.  But even washing the hospital blankets was easier than having to buy and wash multiple changing pad covers.


Two: BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

I call this “The Butt Spatula”, it’s really not a brush OR a spatula.  What it is, is a finger saver.  I hate diaper cream all over my hands, and this allows for a quick and easy application, with far less mess. This is one of those “silly mom gadgets” that people may scoff at- but hey, if it makes my diaper changing experience that much less terrible- I’m all for it.  I actually feel that I can apply the diaper cream faster and more efficiently, and then it just wipes off with a wipe.  Even my husband loves this one.


Three: Silverette Silver Nursing Cups (for breast feeding moms)

We’ll do a whole post regarding these, and I’ll talk more about them on my breastfeeding favorites list, but these worked wonders for me and several of my friends.  Thanks to a certain Meg N. these saved my nipples the second time around.  The quick and dirty why I absolutely love these: 1- You wear them 24/7 except when feeding the baby and since they are smooth cool silver, your nipples do not touch a single piece of irritating, sticky, tear jerking fabric while they are raw and cracked and painful.  This was everything for me. 2- They trap a little bit of breast milk which is the best thing to help heal those painful nipples. 3- They eliminated the need for me to use most of the other breastfeeding products out there like ointments and such.  I will say that you should still give your nips open air time and let them hang out and dry as much as possible to help heal.


Four: Manhattan Toy Company Hanging Toys

When it comes to infant toys, I am all about high contrast, black and white and super cute. My girls loved all their Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson toys, but these were a favorite.  We always had one hanging on the car seat and bouncy seats and any other baby contraption. You can’t go wrong with any of their toys and I should know, we own most of them.    (A very strong second place are all the Lamaze brand hanging toys, those are always hanging from our carseats as well).


Five: Angel Dear Blankey/Lovey

We introduced a Lovey to both our girls around 7 months.  Both girls took to it quickly.  Now at bedtime, their eyes practically roll back in their heads when they get that lovey to their face.  H sucks on the paw, still at 3.5 years old- a habit I am sure I should probably work on breaking, but won’t for fear of changing her sleeping patterns.   Anyway, I received probably 25 different versions of this type of lovey as baby shower gifts and I chose the Angel Dear brand because they are incredibly soft, machine washable and adorable but most importantly- the plush fur does not create fuzz.  This means, when my child is sucking away on it, she’s not getting a mouthful of threads and fuzz.  It’s also fairly breathable (Mind you- doctors recommend leaving nothing in the crib with a baby until 1 year old- when they can pull it off their face and move around well.)  My oldest has “Lambie” and my youngest has “Froggie” but there are a ton of animals to choose from.


Six: JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover

This one really only applies if you have a baby during the winter months. Safety recommendations are that a baby should only have one layer of clothing on when strapped into their car seat. In the winter this makes running errands and taking the baby in and out of the car- tough.  This Infant Car Seat Cover is an awesome way to keep the baby warm, without having to take them out of their car seat straps.  I leave it on the car seat all winter, it has a convenient zipper open flap, that I leave open while in the car, and close over when we are out in the cold.


Seven: Wubbanub Pacifier

I have no problem with pacifiers, especially in the first few months. Sometimes babies just need to be soothed.  The Philips Advent Soothie Pacifiers are built to “respect the baby’s tooth development” (this does mean they do fall OUT of the mouth once the baby is asleep).  Wubbanub had the brilliant idea to attach a Soothie pacifier to a small stuffed animal.  This makes the pacifier stay put a little better- but also makes it easier for tiny hands to find and grab it and put it back in her mouth.  These can also second as a lovey! My girls used these for a few months and then lost interest – which is when we introduced the Angel Dear Lovey.  The wubbanubs comes in so many different animal shapes, it’s almost too hard to choose one (or 5).


Eight: Zutano Booties

I hate baby socks.  Hate them. They never stay on and my kids always pulled them off.  In the warmer months, no socks isn’t such a big deal but in winter- those baby toes get cold.  Honestly my babies pretty much wore onsie pajamas for the first 0-6 months of their lives.  But for the days they needed their piggies covered these Zutano Booties are the best. They come in different fabric weights like a thinner cotton or a plushier option for winter months.  They snap closed and are harder for little ones to pull off on their own.  My kids wore them until they needed sturdier shoes to walk in.


Nine: Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pack(for breast feeding moms)

This is another item that is really only helpful for breastfeeding mamas, but these were super helpful to have when I was having all sorts of issues nursing my second baby.  These can be frozen in the freezer to help reduce swelling and pain, or heated for a few seconds in the microwave to help break up clogged milk ducts. I actually own two sets so there is always a cold pair in my freezer as well as a pair that I can quickly heat up as necessary.  They fit around a breast pump shield as well, so you can use them AS you are pumping.   I wish I had had these for the first time I was nursing.


Ten: OXO Tot Silicone Bib

I have a different bib that I prefer for early stages of eating baby food, but for when the baby starts to eat finger foods on their own, nothing is better than this bib right here.  Why I love this one: the catch all cup is flexible silicone.  This is everything.  Other catch all bibs are stiff plastic and make it impossible for the child to reach his or her food.  More perks: It’s machine washable and it rolls up into itself, so if you bring this out to eat with you, it’s super easy to roll up inside itself and carry home while containing the mess.


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