Top Ten Favorite Baby Toys: 0 – 6 Months

Favorite Baby Toys Zero to Six Months

Baby toys for zero to six months?! Yes! Absolutely.  Your baby’s vision is still in the early stages of developing at this point so stationary objects with high contrasting colors are most easily seen by their new eyes.  We love the Manhattan Toy Company and Lamaze brands for this reason.  Hang some from the car seat for baby to look at, and as he develops he will start to practice reaching for them.  These “toys”  can very much also help with development.  In fact, much of how children “play” is helping them to develop one skill or another.

  1. Manhattan Toy Company Hanging Infant Toys
  2. Lamaze brand Hanging Toys
  3. Maisy’s Train Board Book   by Lucy Cousins
  4. Hape Brand Tag Teether
  5. Stacking Cups
  6. Playmat
  7. Baby Einstein Musical Toy
  8. Manhattan Toy Company Plush Toys
  9. Wimmer Ferguson See and Say Book
  10. Lots of Links

One: Manhattan Toy Company Hanging Toys

When it comes to infant toys, I am all about high contrast, black and white and super cute.  My girls loved all their Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson toys, but these were a favorite.  We always had one hanging on the car seat and bouncy seats and any other baby contraption. You can’t go wrong with any of their toys and I should know, we own most of them.


Two: Lamaze Brand Hanging Toys

These Lamaze brand hanging toys are freaking adorable with the silliest names.  They are high contrast, tactile, colorful, cute and hang.  They come in many different animal shapes, our favorites being Captain Calamari, Jaques The Peacock and Bitty Bite Bug Rattle. I cheated and listed all those three in one category- but really, each of them were a favorite for us.


Three: Maisy’s Train Board Book by Lucy Cousins

When those little hands can start moving things around board books are an awesome toy- especially ones with simple illustrations and bold colors.  My kids love all the Maisy books, but for some reason “Maisy’s Train” was a favorite.  The bold colors and the dark outlines seem to really draw the kids in.


Four: Hape Brand Tag Teether

Teething toys are a necessary purchase and we’ve been through many.  I liked this one because babies love tags.  This is less of a “great gum soothing teether” and more of a toy that entertains the baby for a little bit while they play with the tags or suck on them.  But I liked it for those reasons.


Five: Stacking Cups

Cheap, so simple, easy to store- but seriously hours of entertainment.  We have a ton of stacking toys, and almost all of them are great- but these are a favorite.  They work for bath toys as well!


Six: Playmat

Another toy brand I like is Infantino.  You can obviously find it on Amazon, but target also carries it.  They make well thought out toys in colors I can tolerate.  (I am super weird when it comes to colors.  I find I am usually turned off by toys and spaces that are a combination of red, yellow, royal blue and green.  I must have some repressed negative memories there or something).  Anyway, Infantino uses a lot of the “prettier” colors that just make me happy. Their playmat is pretty great.


Seven: Baby Einstein

This toy stopped a crying baby H on long car rides, time and time again.  You may get a little tired of it after 3 hours on repeat- but it was well worth the few minutes of not crying that it gave us.


Eight: Manhattan Toy Company Plus Toys

These are very similar to the Manhattan Toy Company hanging toys I mentioned earlier but these are for ground and hand play.  These are great for leaving on the playmat to keep a young baby’s interest, especially for tummy time.


Nine: Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson See and Say Book

This is another great first book.  The bold, simple illustrations definitely catch a young baby’s attention.


Ten: Lots of Links

You need like 3 packages of these, they are the best. We use them to link hanging toys to all sorts of baby contraptions.  They are also a great first object for a baby to practice closing his or her fingers around to hold.  They are also a pretty great and easy teether! Seriously though, I really do own three packages of them…

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