When Toddler’s Talk: No Need for Muscles

Dinner time with a toddler can be rough. We are going through a phase where every night is a fight about what we are eating. Some times I give in to anything as long as she puts something in her mouth, sometimes I stand my ground. This time I told her that if she didn’t eat dinner she would be going straight to bed. This often works for me, she usually at least eats a few bites, but instead, this night she got up from the table without any yelling or protest and walks quietly up the stairs to her room. I could see her on the monitor as she got in bed and picked up Lambie (her lovey) and just sat there. Ten minutes go by and she is still quietly hanging out in bed. I go upstairs to ask her to come down and eat dinner (which also usually works- she is often amendable to whatever it is we were fighting about once she has had some time to calm down) but instead this is what transpired:

Me:   Are you ready to come down and eat dinner?
H:      I don’t want to eat.
Me:   How are you going to grow if you don’t eat your vegetables?
H:      I don’t want to grow up.
Me:   Well I don’t want you to grow up either really, but you have to eat your vegetables to grow strong!
H:     I can just carry tiny things, without muscles.

And there is the moment where you try your hardest not to laugh because you’re trying to prove a point but your toddler is just a smarty pants and you can’t handle it.

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