When Toddlers Talk: The Work Email Distraction

Our 3 year old, Honeysuckle, is potty trained, but still wearing pull ups for nap and night time.  Every once in a while she goes through a phase of pooping in her pull up.  For some reason this child never tried climbing out of her crib, and she still doesn’t climb out of her big bed once she wakes up.  I know. We are extremely lucky.  She waits for us to come get her up.  But this also means, she doesn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom if she has to go.  She sleeps with a bunch of books and toys in her big girl bed that she plays with when she wakes up from nap.

The other day my husband, Justin, went to get her up from her nap and when he walked in she was propped up in bed, with a serious face, holding her plastic iPhone, using her thumbs to tap the screen (you know, like we do 1000 times a day…)

H: (barely looks up from her phone) I pooped in my pull up.

J: Why didn’t you call on the monitor and tell us you had to poop?

H: I was too busy sending my emails to go poop on the potty.


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