Why We Love The Silverette Nursing Cups

Say what now? The Silverette Nursing Cups.  Most people around here have not heard of them.  All the doctors I talked to about them, had not heard of them.  I had not heard of them! (Side note, this is not an ad paid for by the company, this is a product that I truly love).  If I could afford to stock them and give them to every nursing mom I know, I would. 

When I was pregnant with my second, my girlfriend told me I should get them because they were a miracle for her.  I didn’t initially pull the plug because of the cost and because I thought that the second time around would be easier, that my nipples would be ready and less sensitive.  Oh, how wrong I was.  Within 24 hours of being home from the hospital my nipples were raw.  My left one cracked and bleeding to the point of my babe spitting up bright red blood after feeding.  As it turned out little Z had a tongue tie and her latch was wreaking havoc on my delicate little nipples.  I ordered the silver cups on amazon, counting down the minutes until prime delivered them to my door.  But, like a true bestie- my girlfriend drove 40 minutes to my house that day to save this sobbing exhausted mama some pain, and let me borrow hers. 

Here’s the thing.  They really honestly were like two thin little silver miracles for me.  Within 24 hours I had already noticed a difference in the cracking.  My nipples began to heal. 

Can we say HAPPY NIPPLES please?

Not every mama will need them, but the friends of ours who have tried them so far, most found them indeed helpful.  First time moms, you may not need them.  Not everyone has a hard time breastfeeding, some mothers are blessed with it happening easy-peasy without much pain or difficulty.  But for some mothers it is a constant struggle and for a few moms it means TOTAL NIPPLE DESTRUCTION (like me).  So, for someone who went through it once already and was introduced to a new product that helped tremendously – this was a total game changer.   

If you are about to be breastfeeding for the first time I always suggest trying different products to see what works best for you (See my favorite breastfeeding products here).  I think if I had used them right away with my first child, I would not have completely grasped how incredible they are because I wouldn’t have gotten to the point of bleeding nipples and sobbing with each breastfeeding. 

Here’s the thing.  The issue I hated most about breastfeeding was having my nipples touch ANYTHING while they are cracked, raw and sore.  It was horrible.  I hated the feeling of them sticking to the gauzy material of disposable nursing pads.  I switched to re-useable nursing pads, like these here, which helped, but never eliminated the issue.  With the Silverette Nursing Cups – that problem is entirely eradicated.  And for me, that alone would be enough to make me worship this product.  I wore them 24/7 except when nursing, showering or letting my nipples air dray (always important).  Using the silver cups also eliminated the need for the majority of my other nursing products like creams and ointments.  But there are even more perks, so let’s talk about them.   

Why we love the Silverette Nursing Cups:

Chase Away the Chaff

Your nipples will likely be very sore in the beginning and may even be bruised or cracked.  (Again, not to scare you, but breast feeding is hard for most mamas, especially at the beginning).  These nipple covers eliminate chaffing.  They are smooth silver and cover your nipple so nothing touches it- and believe me this is HUUUUGE.    

The Healing Power of Breast milk

The word on the street is that breast milk has some magical healing powers.  (No really, ask your pediatrician, most will agree).  It is often recommended to be the best thing to put on your cracked sore nipples.  With the nipple cups, some breast milk will naturally leak into the cups, which I think helped my nipples to heal as well.  For further information, talk with your pediatrician or lactation consultant.  This is also an informative article from La Leche Leauge on breastfeeding with sore nipples that mentions the use of breast milk for healing.

Keep it Clean

Silver is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial.  These are all incredibly helpful things.  The last thing you need to introduce to your milk or sore nipples is bacteria.  This is why I was able to borrow my girlfriend’s set until mine arrive.  Silver is also said to contain anti-inflammatory and healing agents. 

Tips, Tricks and FAQs About the Silverette Nursing Cups:

Do they stick?

The Silverette Nursing Cups do not stick.  With a nursing pad and bra, I never had a problem keeping them in place. 

Do they leak?

Sometimes yes.  It will depend on your milk production and baby feeding habits.  I wore a nursing pad with them for many weeks while my boobs were still leaky.  Eventually my boobs stopped leaking when not in use, so I did not need a nursing pad with them at some point. 

Will they fit my nipple?

At the moment they come in one size.  They worked for me most of the time.  At the beginning when my milk first came in and my boobs grew into swollen coconuts, they did leave a little imprint.  This only lasted a few days for me, and the benefits to my nipples out-weighed the slight discomfort now and then for those few days.  Though since no two of us are the same and women and their lady lumps come in all different beautiful shapes and sizes, I can see these not working for some women. 

Will my nipples look strange while I wear them?

Admittedly, if you are wearing just the nipple covers and say, a nursing tank – yes, you take on the appearance of an Austin Powers Fem-bot.  If you have a nursing pad covering your silver cups, it helps a bit.  While at home I honestly just didn’t care what my boobs looked like.  If you are walking in my house while I have a nursing newborn, you are in my territory, and should know that there will be boobs and nipples hanging out, and that’s just how it’s going to be.  If you don’t like it, leave.  While going out in public I would usually wear them with a more structured nursing bra.  It’s not like a mother typically feels sexy during those first few weeks, so I am all for the “whatever it takes to survive” mentality, and if rocking Fem-Bot nipples gets my even one minute less of discomfort, I’m in. 

Should I Still Use Ointments?

Silverette recommends not using the silver cups in conjunction with nursing ointments, nipple butters etc., as those products can react with the silver and potentially cause an adverse effect. 

Should I use soap to clean my cups?

Nope! Just rinse the milk off with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth. 

I can see some mom’s being bothered by the slight imprint of the cup on a swollen boob or by the fact that some breast milk might leak out of the cups if not properly secured with a nursing pad.  In my opinion some of these things I chalk up to “one of the many annoying results of breastfeeding.” For me, the healing benefits and pain reduction from not chaffing, greatly outweighed some of the other nuisances.  Breastfeeding in general is a pain. It can be uncomfortable, hard and awkward – especially at first.  I for one am usually covered in spit up and breast milk for the first few weeks home with a newborn, so a leaking smooth helpful silver cup, was nothing on top of the general insanity of those first few weeks.  If I could get them to stick to my boobs, I would just add tassels and walk around without a top on and REALLY make everyone else feel uncomfortable.  At least I would be amusing myself!

But to get serious – If we are lucky enough to get pregnant with another baby, these will absolutely be in my hospital bag, and I cannot wait to see if my breastfeeding experience is better because of it. 

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